Star-Spangled Banner played by gun sounds like freedom

He'll need an automatic to get the syncopation right, but this gun enthusiast didn't miss a note when playing the US national anthem on Musical Targets.

They're taking song requests in the comments, so let's hope the next ditty's a Smokey Robinson parody:

If you feel like lovin' guns
If you're independent
I second that amendment.


Musical Targets

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  1. Glitch says:

    Our government may be spying on us, our economy may struggling, our education system may be the laughing stock of the developed world, our citizens may be disaffected and disenfranchized, our police may be corrupt, our military and foreign policy may have destablized the Middle East for generations to come...

    ...but at least we're free to use lethal weapons as a means of petty personal entertainment. God bless America, the greatest nation in the world!

  2. WTF, that guy is wearing ear protection.

    Shielding his ears from the full volume of freedom.

    Coward, probably a Commie to boot, sent to waste our ammo.

  3. Eksrae says:

    I'd like to see the "1812 Overture" with real ca -- oh, wait.

  4. 17 posts, one of them actually about the video.

    Guys, it would be nice if we could mention the word "gun" without everyone immediately launching into yet another word-for-word reenactment of the same exact gun control debate.

    Me, I'd like to see this done with a single note/plate per shooter. Kinda like a handbell choir.

    Oh, and @Glitch, @Kevin_Harrelson: TL;DR. if you're going to write for two bloody pages and expect me to read it, please try to write something interesting.

  5. Flight of the Bumblebee scored for the M60. :metal:

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