Photo of bear poking head through cat door


Doug Harder who resides near Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho photographed this handsome bear attempting to come into his condo via the cat door last week.

Bears had previously climbed up to his second-story deck and entered his home through a sliding door he had left open a bit. Apparently, they ate his food and crapped on his rug but didn't cause any real damage. Harder snapped these photos when they returned.




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  1. TobinL says:

    And food stored outside for the beasties to easily access. No surprise here that bears are poking around.

  2. "Iz this bear house too?"


    "No, bear. That's not how glory holes work! Silly bear."

  3. I'm not saying that the condo owner is lying, but if a bear poked its head through my cat door, I would have no trouble admitting that it wasn't the bear that crapped on the rug.

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