Gorgeous pulp-fiction editions of Gaiman's Anansi Boys, Neverwhere and American Gods

Now there are three: Neil Gaiman's best-loved novels are being re-released with gorgeous pulp covers; back in August, it was American Gods, in a month you'll be able to marry it up with the stupendous Anansi Boys, to be followed in November by Neverwhere (painted by Robert E McGinnis, lettering by Todd Klein). (via Neil Gaiman)

Update: Ooh, Stardust, too!

Notable Replies

  1. Sweet. I can add a fourth copy of American Gods to the two I somehow bought after buying the first one.

  2. Styx says:

    Oh, they are great. Bad and bad, but want.
    But wont allocate money for an other cover version of books I already have. Not rich enough for that.

  3. Been re-reading American Gods this weekend... I really love that book.

  4. I read it when I was traveling halfway across the country to attend two funerals in the same week (long story). It provided a much-needed bit of dark escapism for me.

  5. That's funny, since I was reading it at a funeral, too!

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