This LEGO Addams Family Mansion needs to happen

LEGO is reviewing this nifty Addams Family mansion as a possible box set. It even has Morticia on her rattan chair with a black fan.



Construction details:

• 3 floor Mansion, each floor is a removable segment
• Sits on two 15”x10” base plates (for a total of 3,072 studs)
• The Mansion separates into two halves through the center
• A full glass greenhouse out back
• All original Lego pieces with no modifications
• All floors are covered in tiles and “carpet” tiles
• All ceilings are covered in inverted tiles
• The Mansion is 22” high
• The entire build is comprised of 7,200 pieces

LEGO Addams Family Mansion (via Mental Floss)

Notable Replies

  1. I swear if they made a Haunted Mansion nose-hair remover...

  2. What about the LEGO Manson Family?

  3. I used to have a Lego castle that had cord for the drawbridge and portcullis. I think the noose is fair game.

    Me<-----Lego apologist

  4. adonai says:

    I don't know, I'm kind of picturing a little Lego Neil Gaiman standing out the front...

  5. Jilly says:

    Parts of Star Wars, I humbly suggest. You wouldn't believe how many places I've had to go to find a Rey Star Wars Lego set for my little girl, who is obsessed with her. Holy grail doesn't begin to describe ... and pardon me, but wasn't she the main fricking character of the most recent installment?

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