Here be dragons: Thrifted Ikea dresser remade with graphite paper and woodburning kit

Lorraine Andrusiak couldn't get a new Ikea Moppe dresser in Canada, but she found this one in a thrift store, marred by a thick, ugly coat of paint; so she stripped the paint, transferred vintage sea-monster art with graphite paper, and burned the decorations into the wood -- the result is gorgeous.

I used graphite paper to transfer the monsters, then fired up my trusty wood burner and set to work. I covered the sides and top of the unit with a pattern of waves. Once the wood-burning was finished, I lightly coloured around the monsters with a blue watercolour pencil and applied a moistened cotton swab to give the water a blue tint. I scrounged through old books at the thrift shop until I found one with suitable nautical illustrations, and ‘podged’ the pages inside the drawers to line them. Then all that was needed was a set of little bronze pulls and it was done!

Sea monster Moppe [Lorraine Andrusiak/Ikeahackers]

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  1. agies says:

    Not everything at Ikea is made from MDF. From what I can gather MOPPE is made with birch plywood. Some considerations should be taken to avoid fumes from the laminating adhesive but probably not much more than that of any wood you might burn.

    MDF is nasty stuff though. Even cutting it can be hazardous.

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