Teacher suspended for touching girl inappropriately with banana during class

A teacher in Florida has been disciplined for reportedly touching a female student inappropriately in the head and neck area with a banana. Jonathan Hampton was suspended for three days without pay from his teaching job at North Marion High School after the student's parents complained, roughly three months after the incident.

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Just look at this whirling maglev banana.

Just look at it.

Mag Lev Banana (Thanks, Philip!)

Just look at this soldier feeding bananas to an adorable little goat

Just look at it.

Just look at this liquid nitrogen-dipped banana being shot with a steel bearing.

Just look at it.

I Broke my Banana (Thanks, Philip!)

Just look at this human-sized banana.

Just look at it.

Ella's Deli and Ice Cream Parlor (Thanks, Viktor!)

Just look at this banana sculpture.

Just look at it.

fruit - Matt James Stone (Thanks, Marie!)

Just look at this vomitous vintage banana recipe.

Just look at it.

Ham and Bananas Hollandaise (Thanks, Teemu!)

Just look at the gross banana recipes in this 1940s Chiquita Banana promotional cookbook

Just look at them.

Chiquita Banana Cookbook From '40s Is Bizarre (PHOTOS) (Thanks, Rebecca!)

Just look at these tattooed bananas

Just look at them.

Jun Gil Park (via Jim!)

Just look at this gilded banana.

Just look at it.

Katachi Golden Objects (Thanks, Jonni!)

Just look at this banana vending machine in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Just look at it.

Shibuya Banana Vending Machine (Thanks, Brent!)

Just look at this sniper eating a banana on a rooftop during the inauguration.

Just look at him.

Noticed some snipers hanging out on the roof during the inaugural parade. Zoomed in to find him enjoying a banana. (Thanks, Richard!)

Just look at this banana-shaped, banana-flavored ice-cream in an edible gelatin banana-skin.

Just look at it.

The Peeled Banana Ice Cream

Just look at this gnarly conjoined banana.

Just look at it.


In post-Soviet Russia, Siberian banana just looks at you

I'm presently at the SF Assembly in St Petersburg, Russia, where I'm one of the writer guests. Last night I was helping prepare for the sashlik barbecue, slicing up cucumbers, when a con-goer looked over my shoulder and said, "Ah, banana Siberski!" -- that is, "Siberian bananas!"

Just look at it.