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Fun online color brightness vision test


My daughter, her friend, and I had fun taking this non-scientific color brightness vision test. You have to identify the one square that has a different brightness level within a grid of similarly colored squares. It gets harder as you progress. It took me a few tries, but I finally received the "hawk" badge, with a score of 25.


Dangers of eyeball licking

It's not good to let someone lick your eyeballs. Y'know, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, that kind of thing. That said, "worming" or "oculolinctus" is not only a sexual fetish as you might expect, but apparently a fun classroom activity among some pre-teens in Japan, according to japanCrush. There are also YouTube videos of the practice. The video above does not show the licking, but it is titled "Oculolinctus" and the description reads "Just begging for a lickin'."

"I don't ask just anyone to do it," Elektrika Energias, 29, told the Huffington Post. "Guys I like a lot are more likely to not think it's so weird. I've never had anyone turn me down though. I got some weird offshoot of TB in my eye once. I ended up with corneal ulcers and I spent like a month in the hospital."

Famous cartoon characters' eyes

Prints are available for $16. Designer Yoni Alter also published a cheat sheet, if you can't figure them all out!

Unusual ad for baby monitor

Panasonic has an eye on your parental dollar in this ad for a baby monitor, posted today by Ads of the World. The creative director was Daniel CorrĂȘa.

Proof that goats cannot be trusted


Professor Eustace P. Toffeynuts III, Ph.D., D.D.T., L.S.D., has produced a very important treatise on the freaky nature of goat eyes, their relationship to the freaky nature of octopus eyes and why both animals are clearly in league with Satan.

Goat Eye Syndrome is characterized by eyes afflicted with horrific horizontal pupils similar to those of cephalopods such as octopi, squid, or cuttlefish. The pupils of these beasts are approximately the shape of a kidney bean, but instead of dividing the eye vertically, in the manner of noble, trustworthy beasts such as tigers, bobcats, and snakes, the GES pupils transfix the eye horizontally. This is disgusting. The only other type of animal to display such disgusting, vomit-inducing eyes are the previously mentioned cephalopods (which have a long association with death from the murky depths and Cthulhu) and Kermit the Frog, who is a felt puppet created by Jim Henson, and should not be considered an example of an accurate representation of frog physiology.

Ignore this research at your own peril.

Professor Eustace P. Toffeynuts III, Ph.D., D.D.T., L.S.D.: Goat Eyes: Satanic ploy, or merely horrific crime against nature? A serial treatise on the unnatural pupils of those beasts of the genus capra (2006)

(Thanks, Ed Yong!)

Image courtesy Flickr user BitBoy, via CC

Lasik: is it worth $6000?

I'm sick and tired of washing my contact lenses everyday, and my dog Malcolm recently broke my glasses with his teeth.Read the rest