How to make a cool Iron Throne phone charger

Martina at Natural Nerd takes Game of Thrones fans through instructions on making a badass-looking Iron Throne phone charger. Read the rest

Watch this artist repaint a Barbie doll to look like Wonder Woman

Watch as an off-the-shelf Barbie gets a superhero makeover in this delightful tutorial. Includes a list of materials used and a very relaxing voiceover. Read the rest

How to start a yard fire

The key component of a quality yard fire is ignorance, but you must remember to mix it with a sufficient quantity of flammable material and oxygen.

BONUS: How to start a bonfire on a moor.

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Modding a recurve bow to make it quieter

YouTuber Survival Lilly has tons of information on how to build a survival camp in any conditions. In this video, she mods a commercially available recurve bow for stealthier hunting. Read the rest

Turn your fast food budget into cheap homemade meals

Josh Greenfield of Brothers Green Eats proves that fast food isn’t necessarily cheaper than cooking for yourself. As he explains:

I’ve had enough of people telling me that eating fast food is easier and cheaper than cooking yourself. The sole purpose of this video is to debunk that idea. I went to McDonald’s, got three meals worth of food, then went to the market and spent the same amount of money and cooked a ton of delicious food. I ended up making enough food for 3-4 days and didn't even use up everything that I bought. Even if you eat off the dollar menu, cooking at home can save you some green.

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How to cook a cheap steak vs. an expensive one

Cooking steak can be a little intimidating for newbie chefs, but the YouTube channel Tasty makes the process a whole lot less daunting in this easy-to-follow video. Cooking a delicious steak comes down not only to what cut you buy, but also to how you cook it. So Tasty offers tips on producing the perfect steak at any price point. Read the rest

Watch four women get impressive Disney villain makeovers

The women of BuzzFeed’s Ladylike series get masterful Disney villain makeovers to remake themselves as Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove), and Cruella de Vil (One Hundred And One Dalmatians). Read the rest

How to get a nice shot of the Milky Way from your airplane seat

A long plane ride at night will give you plenty of time to practice and perfect Jan Jasinski's technique for shooting starscapes from the comfort of your window seat: Read the rest

Simple tips on getting smoother handheld video footage

On his YouTube channel, filmmaker Peter McKinnon shares some simple but helpful tips on how to get smoother handheld footage without any special equipment. He also recorded a follow-up video on the basic tools amateur filmmakers can use to get a more cinematic look:

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Impressive CGI of pool balls made with open source software

Norwegian designer Asbjørn Lote (aka YouTuber lotsalote) used open-source Blender to create this realistic pool table scene from scratch in about 90 minutes. Read the rest

Watch how an artist makes gorgeous watercolor patterns

Josie Lewis creates beautiful geometric watercolor paintings. In this video, she shows you how if you're ready to move past adult coloring books. Read the rest

Batman symbol fidget spinner cast from brass bullet casings

There's some remarkable craftsmanship at work in this step-by-step video of making a large brass fidget spinner shaped like the Batman logo. The best part is they are giving it away to a viewer.

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How to check if a phone is stolen

Buying a phone on Craigslist or eBay or some other shady venue? Get the device's ESN or IMEI number from the seller and post it to the Stolen Phone Checker, a single-serving website set up by industry trade group CTIA. If the seller won't give you the number, assume it's stolen. [via] Read the rest

Watch how to build a working 3D printed tabletop arcade console

Christopher Tan created Retrocade, a delightful 3D printed arcade machine project that lets users play classic games. He's even releasing the files and instructions. Read the rest

Weaponizing IKEA pencils made fun

In weaponry, as in life, sometimes the best things are free. Take the lowly IKEA pencil. No, literally take one or more of the ubiquitous free writing utensils. Then watch this video on how to weaponize them. Read the rest

Watch Australian bush mechanics get a wrecked car rolling

When I saw the state of the Hyundai these guys found in the bush, I thought the clip was going to be a joke. Then they fix it with their axes. Mad props to Aboriginal Australian mechanics and Korean engineers. Read the rest

Living in a car: top 10 places to sleep

Ahle is committed to living in vehicles by choice, and her channel is a wealth of practical information for cardwellers, vandwellers, RVers, hobos, and vagabonds. Her tips for sleeping places are great. Read the rest

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