The 50th anniversary of the word 'hypertext'

Daniel Rehn/Creative Commons
Ted Nelson talks about coining the term "hypertext" in a 1965 paper, long before the rise of personal computing.

Annotating novels with Poetrygenius

Jeff VanderMeer writes, "I'm kind of in love with PoetryGenius, which allows for this incredibly easy annotating of texts, which I chose to go all image-heavy on in annotating my most recent novels. Beyond simple annotation, you can go hypertextual and meta if you like. For example, for this Authority excerpt, I created many of the annotations as if they're reports from the secret agency described in the novels. I even recorded short videos with supposed clandestine audio recordings, and did a straight-up video of me talking about the book via the site. (I also did my novel Annihilation) Read the rest