Funny advice column – "Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman"

Brian Hughes of "Again With the Comics" has an advice column called "Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman," in which questions from the lovelorn are answered using actual panels from old issues of Wonder Woman, surely one of the most crypto-fetishistic comics of the Golden Age.

I hope Brian makes this a regular feature of his excellent blog. Here's one of four Q&A's on his blog:

Dear Golden Age Wonder Woman –

I've known my best friend since second grade, but things have been strained between us ever since I got married. Carol has remained single, and I can hardly speak to her anymore without hearing mean remarks about marriage or my husband! She seems jealous and resentful of my marriage, and angry that she's still single. Recently, she told me that she saw my husband at a bar kissing another woman, and has demanded that I confront him about it. I don't believe her, but she says that if I don't talk to him about it, she'll break off our friendship! What should I do?

-Conflicted in Cleveland