Chip Kidd's 5 Experiments in Form and Contrast




Chip Kidd is one of the world's greatest graphic designers, specializing in book design. Book One is his design retrospective filled with concept sketches and hilarious anecdotes and insights into design.

Kidd's also an excellent novelist.
A few years ago he wrote The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel In Two Semesters about 1960s college design students.

The Learners is a sequel to Cheese Monkeys, in which the main character goes to work in an ad agency, which from the reviews I've read, sounds something like the agency in my favorite TV show, Mad Men.

A Boing Boing reader named Meryl alerted me to a video called "5 Experiments in Form and Contrast" Kidd created to promote The Learners. She says, "He basically reads a well-known piece of dialogue by one person while putting on the voice and physical affect of another well-known person."