HOWTO cook a kick-ass pizza crust in your home oven

Wanna cook a pizza at home, but are unwilling to cut up your oven so that you can get the self-clean cycle to run up to 800 degrees to get the crust just right? Try Heston "Fat Duck" Blumenthal's technique: stick an upside-down cast-iron skillet under the broiler, crank the heat up to max for 20 minutes and lay a slab of pizza dough (even the gunk from Domino's will do) for a minute and a half.

And here’s the good news: Although the Domino's dough looks horrid compared to the corner pizza’s store (dense and flat and a weird color), for thin-crust pizzas made in this cast-iron-and-broiler fashion, Domino's is actually ... really good. In a four-person blind-taste test, the favorite between Domino's and our corner pizzeria was split right down the middle. Honest. People couldn’t tell the difference. And the Domino's dough, probably due to some mysterious ingredients, was very, very easy to stretch into a pie. This cooking technique took dough from one of the worst pizzas available and made it taste good. The fact that Domino's foists doughy, disgusting pizzas on the public when it could easily do otherwise is almost a crime.

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(via Kottke)