Phone is Tapped (And I Don't Care): old-timey string band song about surveillance

Dina sez, "We thought you might like this old-timey string band song called "Phone is Tapped (And I don't care)" by Montreal band Lake Of Stew.

Phone is tapped and I don't care (2x)
If anyone's listening, let's be clear,
Makes no difference what you hear.

CCTV on the post (2x)
Lookin' over all the ghosts
I'm gonna be the TV host.

Taking pictures from the sky (2x)
Smiling up at the satellite
You'll wish you were here with us tonight.

Send the patrol cars around (2x)
They'll find the string band throwing down
They just can't stop that joyful sound.

MP3: Phone is Tapped (And I Don't Care)

(Thanks, Dina!)