Boing Boing Video: Welcome, Miles O'Brien!

Just as we invite guestbloggers to the Boing Boing blog, we periodically welcome guest correspondents to Boing Boing Video, our daily online video program.

I am thrilled to announce today that we have the honor of welcoming none other than Miles O'Brien, former CNN anchor and reporter, one of the most esteemed space and science journalists on the home planet, as a Boing Boing Video guest contributor.

Snip from his bio:

"Miles is a 26-year broadcast news veteran – with nearly 17 years as CNN's science, aerospace, technology and environment correspondent. He is now on his own – based in New York City – covering the same stuff across various media platforms."

Since departing CNN, Miles has been doing really interesting experiments in online media, including webcasts, features over at True Slant, live-twittering Space Shuttle launches, and other work we hope to showcase here on BB soon.

I've been watching him explore what is possible in online, independent news venues with the same sense of adventure that captivated me in his space reporting for CNN. The video he's been producing as a solo journalist is wonderful.

Miles is a personal hero. He's the best there is at what he does. It is with the absolute deepest respect that we welcome him as a guest colleague.