Diary of a UK journalist being hassled by goons at the Bilderberg conference

Alan sez, "Charlie Skelton, reporting for the Guardian from outside the apparent location of this year's Bilderberg Conference [ed: s33kr1t high-powered meeting of financial leaders and politicos], has been intimidated out of the area and is still being hassled on the Athens subway – series of reports and photos of the goons, who are by turns terrifying and comically incompetent."

In comes the chief. Bossios Hoggios. "What the problem?" I tell him that I am being followed by the police, and that I would like it to stop, or be told the reason. "Why you here?" he barks. I tell him I am here for the Bilderberg conference at the Astir Palace. "Well, that is the reason! That is why! We are finished!" And he washes his hands of me, dismissing me with a gesture, striding back to his office. "Idiot," I mutter, unheard.

Back to the photograph.

"How you know he is a policeman?"

"I know that he is, I've seen him talking to your colleagues at the checkpoint."

"You are not allowed to take photos of policemen."

"So I am being followed by policemen?"

He gestures out of the window.

"Where is he now, this man you say following you? Show me him."

I'm standing in a police station. I don't know what to say. They tell me to ring the police if I see them again. To ring the police if I see the police following me.

Charlie Skelton's Bilderberg files

(Thanks, Alan!)