Iranian media mistakes Kasper Hauser comedy group as a "virtual reality 'terrorist' group," of "cyber hackers"


Kasper Hauser, the comedy group that wrote the supremely funny parody of the SkyMall catalog called SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane, has a new book out called Obama's Blackberry, which the Iranian media seems to think is some kind of terrorist hacker document.

Jesse Thorn says:

The Iranian State-funded english-language TV network Press TV is currently reporting that Kasper Hauser, the noted "virtual reality 'terrorist' group," of "cyber hackers" have plans to "circulate President Barack Obama's private text messages."

Press TV wrote:

American publisher Little Brown has decided to circulate President Barack Obama's private text messages after cyber hackers cracked into his Blackberry.

The publisher announced plans to expose the president's messages on June 8.

"Virtual reality 'terrorist' group Kasper Hauser" hack into Obama's Blackberry