Super-filtered #IranElection info for the easily overwhelmed


I am blogging this from a wifi-enabled plane somewhere above a square state in the USA. The passenger sitting next to me is frustrated that no cable news is shown on the plane — she wanted to keep up with the turmoil in Iran during this 6-hour flight. Several fellow passengers agreed that one of the feelings shared around the Iran story is the sense that so much information from new, unfamiliar sources seems to be flooding us, without good filters, or many trusted, authoritative guides.

And overall, cable news is doing a lousy job anyway. Blowhard anchors reading random tweets, and logging on to Facebook groups? Thanks, but I can do that myself — without the theatrics.

Over email, John Perry Barlow echoed this: "It's happening so fast I can't digest it. I feel I've stuck a probe into the stream of metaconscious."

With that ambient chaos in mind, Current TV's Robin Sloan has compiled a very useful tool: "Super-filtered #IranElection info for the easily overwhelmed." Go have a look.

Update: Here's another helpful resource from Robin: Persian tweets translated to English.