World's Greatest Internet Freakout Contest (win a microwave) Senior Editor Gabriel Delahaye says,

You know that kid who posted a video on-line about a month ago of his brother having a freakout because their mom suspended his World of Warcraft account? Well, that was a pretty good freakout, sure, but since then the two of them have posted four more freakouts. FAKE. And if you're going to post a fake freakout, then the freakout should really be a lot better. These guys have not stepped their game up. And I think the title of World's Greatest Freakout is being used a little loosely by them. They are teenagers just trying to have fun, sure, but they should be more careful. With words.

That is why we are hosting the World's Greatest Freakout Contest.

Let's beat that kid at his own game. Winner gets a microwave.