Freak with bullhorn stands on Verizon CEO's lawn berating him over the freak-with-bullhorn-related privacy implications of Verizon's crappy database security

Pissed off to discover that cell-phone companies leak personal information — customer addresses, calling records and more — to sleazy resellers, the guy paid a couple bucks to discover the home address of Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg. Then he went to Seidenberg cushy mansion and stood on his lawn with a bullhorn, broadcasting: "I'm here on behalf of Verizon customers. PLEASE DO A BETTER JOB PROTECTING YOUR CUSTOMERS' CELL PHONE RECORDS! Everyone has the right to privacy, including you Ivan! When we don't have privacy, then freaks with bullhorns start showing up on our front lawn."

How Easy Is It To Get the Private Cell Phone Records and Address of Verizon's CEO?

(via Consumerist)