Battle of The Billboards in LA: Giant Boozy Ladyparts are OK, Criticizing Insurance Companies Ain't.


In LA's Koreatown district, two dueling billboards over on Wilshire Boulevard. Two enter, one leaves. Guess which?

At left, Consumer Watchdog's ad, arguing that you can't trust Mercury Insurance. Yup, you guessed it — THAT billboard was dismantled last week when the subject of the ad issued lawyergrams.

At right, the Absolut vagina Mango ad, which still flaps proudly in the Southern California breeze:

"If you drive three to four blocks east of where ours was," said Jamie Court, "there's a huge Absolut Mango ad, and it's really not a mango."

Court said he was alerted by his wife, who happened upon it while driving and made the following observation: "There's a five-story vagina on a building."

So, happy mutants, lesson learned: You may or may not be able to trust Mercury Insurance, but you can trust humongous hoo-hahs.

Read: LA Times via MSNBC. Images from Consumer Watchdog;