Giant space-chicken movie progressing nicely

Hugo-winning science fiction artist Frank Wu sez,

We are continuing our efforts to make a full-length animated film with half a dozen people + many, many years. This is a sampler video of characters and spaceships from our "Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken," which is a film about a giant space chicken making a film about a giant space chicken.

The animation is still "in-process," but it's a nice intro to Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken and film director, Trisuron the giant space Triceratops and movie actress/producer, Jerora the giant space jellyfish and production manager, and their enemy, Fribugus, the giant space pangolin and movie studio lackey.

The phrase "giant space chicken" underlies the existential angst of the piece, as "giant" is what we hope to become, "chicken" is what we fear we are, and "space" is the amorphous place where we float without a hand-hold, trying to define ourselves before others define us first.

For more information, check out the director's blog

This thing is pure Wu: so weird, arch, and goofy that it would take a week to explain it to a civilian. Go Frank, go!

Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken Sampler Video

(Thanks, Frank!)