Steampunk short stories in the style of classic steampunk tales

Eileen Gunn sez:

Last summer the immortal Michael Swanwick offered to write a story a day for the 42 days of the Clarion West Writer's Workshop . If you donated $10 to Clarion West, you could get your name (or your cat's) in a story written especially for you by Mr. Swanwick. (See Immortality for $10, courtesy of Michael Swanwick.) But 46 people sent money, four over limit. What to do? Clarion West offered the final four either a refund or a story each by me, Eileen Gunn. Courageously, they all accepted, and sent me their names and some personal details.

I wrote four steampunk stories, each in the style of a different formative steampunk tale. is now publishing them, one a day for the next four days, and has commissioned remarkable illustrations for each tale by artists Fyodor Pavlov and Lawrence Gullo. The first story, A Different Engine is up today.

Steampunk Quartet

(Thanks, Eileen!)