Angry printer-cartridge description: the backstory

@theinkdescriber writes,

Hi there, I'm the guy who wrote the cartridge description that has
received a lot of attention on the internet in the last week or so.

I thought I could tell you how this all happened so you could do a
update article or something if you wanted to.

But anyway, the whole description thing only started as a little joke.
It was a Monday morning and I was tired and a little fed up (maybe a bit
of a hangover as well), I was writing descriptions for our new site and
was getting extremely bored and a bit frustrated. Now I've seen in a lot
of the comments on your site, and a lot of others, complaining about the
grammar and saying that I should not be a copywriter if I cannot write.
I must stress here that I am not a copywriter, far from it. I do a lot of
different types of work here ranging from replying to customer e-mails
to writing the descriptions on the site, but as I said I am not a
professional copywriter and honestly I never want to be.

I was angry and depressed so I began to type what I was thinking, that's
all. I was originally just going to delete what I had written and carry
on as usual, but instead I left it on over night and showed it to a
friend… and my friend unfortunately/fortunately decided to tweet it. And
thats when it started, I decided not to take it down and leave it there
for my friends friends to see, and I would take it down on the next Friday.

Then on Thursday my bosses noticed the site going slowly, and I sneakily
checked analytics to see if I could see why, and saw traffic coming in
from a lot of blogs. And then later that afternoon the 'giz-effect'
happened, something that I knew nothing of until that day. The site went
down, and my bosses were not sure whether to be happy or angry at me for
having accidentally brought too much traffic to the site. Either way they
put it on my shoulders to sort out so spent the whole weekend sourcing a
dedicated server.

I don't regret any of it though, it was a huge reaction to something
that was just me being grumpy so that's not a bad thing.

(minor textual corrections mine)