Mat Ricardo at Edinburgh Fringe

Funny juggler/conjuror Mat Ricardo sez, "Remember last year when I staged a one-man show at the Edinburgh festival, asking if – after 25 years of touring, performing and slowly going mad – I should continue doing my job as a juggler and comedian? Remember how I discussed it with the audience and got their advice during each show? Well – the results are in – the show was a massive success and I got the best reviews of my career (Graham Linehan came, and called it 'Charming, funny and startling;). the feedback was literally unanimous that I should keep doing it. Hooray! The show transferred to a short London run earlier this year, which sold out, and I've been booked to perform it at a larger venue for the duration of the Edinburgh fringe, starting next Wednesday. The lesson here is simple – if you make something, then make it personal and meaningful. When you do a job that you love for a long time, as I have, it's easy to forget why you loved it in the first place. It's easy for it to become just a job, and that's what had happened to me – but writing and performing 'Three Balls and a New Suit' helped me remember, and now I love doing it as much as I ever have. Win!"