Stephen Colbert's 3D printed head goes to space

The MakerBot folks printed out Stephen Colbert (they'd scanned it earlier for an appearance on Colbert's show) and attached it to a weather balloon with a FlipCam and a GPS; Colbert's head sailed into space, got some killer photos, and politely transmitted its location once it had returned to Earth.

Not content to confine ourselves to mashups, we initiated the MakerBot Space Program with a mission to send a bust of Stephen Colbert into space on a weather balloon with a Flipcam and a GPS enabled cell phone.

Special thanks to Bre Pettis, Jonathan Monaghan, Keith Ozar, Luke Schantz, Anney Fresh, Eddie Codel, Mariko Kosaka, Stephen Colbert, and Dave Neff for the R&D, launch, and recovery of this, our first MakerBot Space Mission.

MakerBot Sends Colbert into Space « MakerBot Industries

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