Highrise: a documentary built with WebGL and other open standards

Brett sez, "What does citizenship mean in a transnational, globalised context? One
Millionth Tower, the latest strand of the multi-media, multi-
award-winning HIGHRISE project from National Film Board of Canada,
teams a group of highrise residents in Toronto with architects and
animators to re-imagine their surroundings and transform their
dilapidated highrise neighbourhood into a vibrant, resident-led

"Using cutting-edge open-source technology, this interactive
documentary enables a 3D storytelling environment within a web
browser, incorporating the magic of cinema, architecture and
animation. A hyper-local story with a global resonance in its vision
for a more human-friendly urban planet – and world wide web."

This thing is built in WebGL, which replicates the functionality of OpenGL, a popular open standard for drawing and animating 3D objects, using brwoser-only technology. It's exciting stuff on the tehcnical side, but it's also a damned cool and well-thought-through documentary that goes beyond a mere tech demo.

High Rise