Scotland Yard arrest EDL members over alleged plot to attack Occupy London

Scotland Yard have arrested 179 members of the ultra-right English Defense League for plotting an attack on the OccupyLondon protesters encamped at St Paul's cathedral in London. The EDL had sent a statement to the Occupy camp threatening violence if protesters didn't leave "their" church and "stop violating their religion." EDL members also posted arson threats to Facebook. The police arrested the EDL members as they massed near St Paul's. An EDL spokesman denies that violence was imminent.

Scotland Yard said they believed a breach of the peace was about to take place after they got intelligence that the EDL were planning the Armistice Day attack. The law states officers can arrest if they believe the breach of the peace to be "imminent."

A member of the tented community outside the cathedral expressed gratitude to the police for preventing any violence.

"It is fantastic if they are using their resources to try and stop people getting on to this site," said Bryn Phillips, a member of the Occupy LSX community. "If this has prevented violence then I am pleased."

Police arrest EDL members to 'avert planned attack' in London