Fight PIPA, SOPA's Senate cousin, with this Senate scorecard

PIPA is the Senate version of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. It's only slightly less Internet-killingly-insane, but it hasn't gotten as much attention, mostly because the House's SOPA is just so over-the-top awful. Nevertheless, it needs your attention.

Maxwell sez, "We're gaining allies every day, but if we want Protect-IP to die in the Senate, we need to step it up. has a list of people who are for, against, and undecided on PIPA. If your representative is undecided, contact them immediately! All of them are potential allies. Tell them about the damage PIPA could do to free speech, and to the American economy. Even the ones in favor of PIPA are worth contacting. If they think that enough people will vote against them in the next election, they might just change their minds. Lay on the pressure! We have until the 24th, when PIPA is up for cloture vote. Let's make every day count!"

About the PROTECT-IP Bill

(Thanks, Maxwell!)