The only three things you need to read about CES this year

The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is ongoing, and it's been widely-hailed as the dullest in years. There are only three things you need to read about it.

Brian Lam at Wirecutter: The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow

The first thing I notice every year when I settle into a hotel at CES is that no matter how fancy the hotel, the tap water smells like eggs

Mat Honan at Gizmodo: Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter

CES attendees are overwhlemingly men. Men are filthy, especially when they've been drinking too much coffee and eating Vegas buffets. So I duck into the ladies' room.


(OK, so Wired also has a great roundup of the new ultraportables, and The Verge is knocking it out the park on general coverage if you really need to know about the televisions. But everything else about CES sucks this year. Oh! Except this camera.)