Gallery of awful tech garbage at CES

Internet of Shit (@internetofshit) is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, the annual festival of stuff not made by Apple. This year's big themes include drones and home automation, but there's an ocean of bizarre, obviously-nightmarish Internet of Things crapgadgetry. And they found all of it.

Hot take: contraptions are what makes CES fun. When it's just this year's TV sets and spec-bumped laptops, CES is like staring in to the sun. Read the rest

The best of CES 2016, in 10 photos

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is under way in Las Vegas, and we're enjoying the sights and sounds at a distance. Vegas during CES is a lot to handle. Here are 10 images from Reuters photographers that capture some of the more interesting displays over the first few days of the tech showcase.

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Electric “supercar” coupe prototype from Renovo Motors unveiled at CES

Looks pretty dope. If you're at CES, you can drool all over it in person at the NVIDIA booth.

Makerbot announces three new 3D printers, including a massive 47.5cm tall monster

Yesterday at CES, Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis announced three new 3D printers, including a massive, fifth-generation Replicator capable of producing objects that are 45.7cm tall and 30.5cm wide/long. Interestingly, all three new models -- there's also a simple, one-button version and a desktop prosumer version -- sport clear plastic sides. 3D printers are very susceptible to disruption from even slight breezes (the wind cools the plastic between the nozzle and the previous layer) but there's a completely batshit patent on the totally obvious "invention" of putting see-through sides on a 3D printer, so in general printers don't ship with sides, and manufacturers don't publicly advise their customers to add plastic sides to their machines. Read the rest

"Some future gadgets I'd buy," aka Brian Lam's only post from CES

Former Gizmodo gadget writer and chief editorial whip-cracker Brian Lam has covered many a CES in his time; since leaving Gawker media for ocean adventures and his Wirecutter electronics blog, I think his work has become much more interesting. He revisited CES this year, and produced exactly one post from it, highlighting interesting stuff he says he'd actually buy himself. The "luggage tracker" and HD camera are tugging at my credit card's heartstrings, too. Read the rest

What it's like at CES

This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas offered few surprises, giving reporters time to write interesting offbeat coverage. Stars in the firmament of boredom included Mat Honan, Brian Lam, and the marvelous CESTrailer Twitter account.

Every year, however, readers ask about the nitty-gritty details of the show, beyond the gadgets but short of the existential despair. Having not attended this year and thereby being free of fresh scars, I thought I'd have a stab at describing the mundane details of how it goes.

If nothing else, you won't be curious anymore. Read the rest

The only three things you need to read about CES this year

The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is ongoing, and it's been widely-hailed as the dullest in years. There are only three things you need to read about it.

Brian Lam at Wirecutter: The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow

The first thing I notice every year when I settle into a hotel at CES is that no matter how fancy the hotel, the tap water smells like eggs

Mat Honan at Gizmodo: Fever Dream of a Guilt-Ridden Gadget Reporter

CES attendees are overwhlemingly men. Men are filthy, especially when they've been drinking too much coffee and eating Vegas buffets. So I duck into the ladies' room.


(OK, so Wired also has a great roundup of the new ultraportables, and The Verge is knocking it out the park on general coverage if you really need to know about the televisions. But everything else about CES sucks this year. Oh! Except this camera.) Read the rest