CDZA ("Collective Cadenza") launches: one-take, medley-driven musical experiments in video

Boing Boing pal and musical/video genius Joe Sabia (who collaborates with us on the Boing Boing in-flight TV channel on Virgin America) has launched a big new project with YouTube. It's a channel, and it's called CDZA. Joe explains:

Back in September, me and my two friends, bassist/juilliard alum Michael T. and audio engineer Matt McCorkle, released History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics. Based on the success of the video, it spawned the creation of a whole brand and channel dedicated to doing more of these. Essentially, the vision of putting Juilliard-trained, virtuoso, nyc-based, early 20-something musicians into one-take, medley driven musical experiments. Their talent is amazing, and videos like these will hopefully provide a new platform for audience discovery. (Educationally, it also shows people that learning how to play an instrument is cool.)

Our group is called cdza. Short for "Collective Cadenza". And everything begins tomorrow as we'll formally spread the word about this badass endeavor. We're gonna see how far we can push this. Every other Tuesday we'll release a new video for as long as we can.

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