Ticket Grab: New Game at Caine's Arcade + 5 lessons for entrepreneurs

Nirvan Mullick, the filmmaker who made the sensational short movie about the boy named Caine in East Los Angeles who built an amusement arcade out of cardboard, says:

Caine and I just got back from France, where Caine was the youngest speaker at Cannes Lions. Caine had never been on such a big airplane before, and he really loved the safety announcements and the Emergency Exits. The day after we got back, he built this new game, Ticket Grab, which includes said Emergency Exit. He also wrote 5 lessons that he has learned so far on the back of an Air France barf bag:

What did caine learn

5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs Caine has Learned:

1. Be nice to customers.

2. Do a business that is fun.

3. Do not give up.

4. Start with what you have.

5. Use recycled stuff.

The above reminds me of P.T. Barnum's advice for entrepreneurs that Cory posted about earlier this morning!

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