Self-published automation book is out, at a researched price

John, a lighting/show automation guy, has written a new edition of Show Networks and Control Systems, a book about networking for automation techs.

He sez, "Back in January, Cory re-posted my analysis of the reader survey I used to determine the price and title of my newly self-published book. Self publishing has been a fascinating process, and the survey actually led me to price the book higher ($50) than I had originally thought was feasible. That's $8 less than my publisher was charging, but high enough to give me discounting flexibility.

"For example, I'm running a contest on my website this week (link provided) to give away a copy to the reader who can come closest to guessing the number of times I use the word 'Ethernet' in the book. Every one who enters gets a discount code for $5 off the book.

The other cool thing about self publishing is that once I've recouped my costs (copy editor, cover designer, graphics assistant, ISBN and Library of Congress numbers) I can reconsider the price."

Show Networks and Control Systems Book Now Available! Win a Free Copy!

(Thanks, John!)