"One price to all" has been the default since 1840, but online retail is sneakily killing it off

Since the earliest days of ecommerce, analysts have predicted that retailers would use their estimations of their customers' willingness to pay to invisibly, instantaneously reprice their goods, offering different prices to each customer. Read the rest

Self-published automation book is out, at a researched price

John, a lighting/show automation guy, has written a new edition of Show Networks and Control Systems, a book about networking for automation techs.

He sez, "Back in January, Cory re-posted my analysis of the reader survey I used to determine the price and title of my newly self-published book. Self publishing has been a fascinating process, and the survey actually led me to price the book higher ($50) than I had originally thought was feasible. That's $8 less than my publisher was charging, but high enough to give me discounting flexibility.

"For example, I'm running a contest on my website this week (link provided) to give away a copy to the reader who can come closest to guessing the number of times I use the word 'Ethernet' in the book. Every one who enters gets a discount code for $5 off the book.

The other cool thing about self publishing is that once I've recouped my costs (copy editor, cover designer, graphics assistant, ISBN and Library of Congress numbers) I can reconsider the price."

Show Networks and Control Systems Book Now Available! Win a Free Copy!

(Thanks, John!) Read the rest