Monkey in a smart coat visits suburban Ikea

A monkey in a nice coat escaped from a cage inside its owner's car, opened the car door, and strolled into an Ikea in North York, a suburb of Toronto. The monkey was removed shortly thereafter. I have been stuck in that Ikea and I can testify that whatever your feelings about the ethics of keeping a pet monkey (or sticking it in a cage in your car), it is certainly a mercy to remove the monkey from that Ikea.

The incident spawned two parody Twitter accounts: @IKEAmonkey and @Ikea_Monkey, the former being more prolific (and having made overtures of peace and cooperation to the latter, without, it seems, any success).

At around 3 p.m. ET, the diminutive primate was spotted in the store's upper parking lot, where it was cornered by several Ikea staff members, who also called animal control to come retrieve the monkey.

Mysterious monkey in posh miniature winter coat found alone at Toronto Ikea [National Post]

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Umm saw a monkey in the #ikea parking lot.
by #broniewyn