Picnic table pyramid builders delight/enrage (take your pick)

A Boing Boing reader says:

Thought you might enjoy this… A group of teens has begun stacking picnic tables in Spokane, WA (where I live). They've hit a couple times at local parks and the authorities are up in arms. Spectacular… amazing… daring… and I'm glad my son isn't involved! Or is he?!!

Link to an article in our local paper…

From the article:

An Urban Forestry crewman discovered a note addressed to park employees at the top of the stack of 36 tables. The note was signed “SKFS.”

It continues…

“We heard that our riverfront table pyramids cost $500 each to remove,” the note reads, “yet they only took 4 teens 25 min to assemble sans equipment! Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars.”

The group calls themselves The Spokane Serial Stackers and has a Facebook page.