Katie Fisher Day: bake cookies and send them to a friend

Remember Katie Fisher? She was the 24 year old who was killed crossing the street by a driver who ran a red light, only to have Progressive Insurance — her own insurance company — pay to defend her killer in court, and then lie about it. Her brother, comedian Matt Fisher, has decided to honor her memory with Katie Fisher Day, a day when people bake cookies and send them to their friends (Katie sent Matt a batch of cookies every week while he was at university).

Step 1: Pick someone you love. It can be your mom, your brother, your friend, some guy at work. Anyone you'd like to feel a little more loved.

Step 2: Bake them cookies. Any kind will do! Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin. Are you a crappy baker? Send them crappy cookies. Or buy some. It's the thought that counts. We'll post recipes here on the site. Post yours if you have a good one!

Step 3: Send those cookies. Mail them. Drop them off in person. Whatever's easier. Just make sure you send them! The goal is to send them on March 12 or have them get to your person by March 12, but look, if you send someone cookies on another day, we're cool with that.

Step 4: There is no Step 4. This is a simple thing. Let's not overcomplicate it. Though we would love it if you told us about your special someone, sent photos of your cookies and/or sent us a recipe.

Katie Fisher Day

(Thanks, Matt!)