EFF is hiring an activist

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hiring an activist! This is a job that I once had myself, and I can attest that there are few things more rewarding, challenging, and stimulating that working as an EFF activist. They're looking for someone fast, with good writing skills, a good grasp of the issues, and some background in tech, journalism, A/V production, organizing, policy issues. It's a full-time job, based in San Francisco, and they start reviewing resumes on the 10th of December.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, is looking for a full-time activist to fight for free speech, innovation and privacy on the Internet and other technologies. If you are passionate about technology, dedicated to its role in building a better future and want to work alongside leaders in the field, this dream job is for you! As an EFF activist, your responsibilities would include:

* Communicating our sometimes complex technical and legal issues to "mom and pop" in a clear, compelling, and concise voice;

* Developing energetic and innovative education and activism campaigns that engage both EFF's membership and the general public;

* Writing blog posts about EFF's work in a timely manner;

* Maintaining the content of EFF's information-packed website;

* Working closely with EFF attorneys, technologists, and other public interest groups; and

* Determining when issues deserve EFF attention and convincing others of their importance.