The Man with Six Senses – a Radium Age science fiction thriller

Hilowbrow publisher Joshua Glenn released a new book in his Radium Age Science Fiction Library series, a gorgeous paperback edition of Muriel Jaeger’s long-unobtainable thriller The Man with Six Senses.
Buy your copy now, while supplies last!

Serialized at from July through November of this year, The Man with Six Senses concerns Michael, a hapless mutant capable of perceiving the molecular composition of objects and the ever-shifting patterns of electromagnetic fields. Hilda, a beautiful young member of England’s cynical postwar generation, becomes his champion… and then, reluctantly, his wife. Michael himself is slowly destroyed — mentally and physically — by his uncanny gift.

This early and brilliant effort to export the topic of extra-sensory perception out of folklore and occult romances and import it into science fiction was first published in 1927 — by Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press.

Man with Six Senses