Works eligible for science fiction awards

We're coming up on award season in science fiction and fantasy — nominations are open or opening for the Hugo Award, the Locus Award, the Nebula Award, and a host of others. John Scalzi has put up a post where writers, artists, editors, and other eligible creators can list their eligible work; Charlie Stross created one too. They're both fascinating reads in their own right.

Feel free to post your own eligible works to the comments below!

Like Charlie, I'll go first:

* My novel Homeland, the sequel to Little Brother, came out in February 2013 from Tor Teen. It's a YA novel.

* I also published a companion novella, "Lawful Interception", in August 2013 on

* My short story "By His Things Will You Know Him" was published in June 2013 on Boing Boing and in The Coming Age of Networked Matter.