Death Knight Love Story: torrentable Warcraft fan-movie starring Brian Blessed, Joanna Lumley & others

Hugh Hancock writes, "'Death Knight Love Story,' is a World of Warcraft-based machinima fanfilm [ed: machinima is a form of animation made using video-game engines]. It was made using full 'Avatar'-style motion capture (using the same tech as X-Men First Class), with a score composed by a BAFTA nominated composer and voiced by Hollywood stars!"

It features the voices of Brian Blessed, Jack Davenport, Joanna Lumley and Anna Chancellor, with Brian Blessed playing WoW's "Lich King", and Jack Davenport and Joanna Lumley playing two characters who originated as raid bosses in the Naxxramas raid.

The story's a classic "love in the time of war" story, with two lovers who end up on opposing sides of a battle. It has the minor twist that both of them are dead and resurrected by evil magic by the time they fall in love…

The whole thing's available as a direct download, or as a torrent.

Death Knight Love Story – Motion-Captured Animated Movie in World of Warcraft

(Thanks, Hugh!)