Gweek podcast 132: The Wooger Snatcher

In each episode of Gweek, I invite a guest or two to join me in a discussion about recommended media, apps, and gadgets. This time my guests were Joshua Glenn, a Boston-based author and semiotician, and co-author of Unbored, a bestselling collection of family activities; and Rob Reid, and entrepreneur and author of the science fiction novel Year Zero.

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Rob's picks:

The Beast: Riding the Rails & Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail, by Oscar Martinez

New York Dolls by New York Dolls (re-discovered via Morrissey's autobiography … a recommendation in itself!)

Books on Options: Options for the Beginner & Beyond (Edward Olmstead) and Trading Option Greeks (Dan Passarelli)

Option websites: TradeMonster,, and LiveVol

Josh's picks

12 Best Novels for Older Kids from 1964: posted this week at

King Goshawk and the Birds, a 1926 satirical science fiction novel by the Irish writer Eimar O'Duffy. I'm serializing it at HiLobrow this winter, one chapter a week.

Mark's pick:

Wham-O Super-Book – lavishly illustrated history of the greatest toy company ever – frisbee, hula hoop, super ball, slip-and-slide, Hacky Sack, Silly string.

And much more!