EU elections: ask candidates to sign digital rights pledge

Kirsten From Edri writes, "European Digital Rights (EDRi) has launched WePromise.EU to put digital civil rights on the agenda of the European election. The platform is based on a two-sided promise: On the one hand, parliamentary candidates will be able to endorse a ten point 'Charter of Digital Rights' that supports an open digital environment. On the other, citizens across Europe can in turn sign the petition and promise to vote for candidates that have endorsed the Charter."

Awareness of digital rights issues is higher than ever before. Citizens need the European Parliament to understand and address these threats and the European Parliament needs voters to vote.

In short, our goal is to raise the profile of digital rights issues in the election campaigns of parliamentary candidates and to give long-term leverage to human rights groups across Europe for the next five years.

Vote for your digital rights

(Thanks, Kristen!)