Prepare yourselves. Dr. Steve Brule's television show is returning for a third season.

Dr. Steven Brule, local cable news personality.

[Video Link]. Here are some clips from the upcoming third season of Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, starring John C. Reilly, and created by Tim and Eric. The new season premieres on Adult Swim Feb. 27, at 12:30 a.m. ET / PT.

Buy seasons 1 and 2 here, if you're not already hip to it. This show is not for everyone, but it is for everyone who is cool and knows what is truly funny. That is why it is my favorite funny show. If you do not agree, you are a dummy.

There's a longer version of the preview here. And for those truly obsessed, Eric Wareheim has been posting other little video snippets to Instagram and Vine and Facebook.

For those in Los Angeles, there's a free season 3 premiere and screening on Sunday, Feb. 23rd, 10pm at the Vista Theater.

Only hunks fly pranes. I have a prane, too. It's no big deal. Who cares?

An exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of Dr. Steve Brule's home life.

Dr. Brule advises you to "Check Out" the new season of his program on Adult Swim.