Cyberpocalypse: the cyberpunk Lego city

In 2013, a group of Lego masters unveiled Cyberpocalypse, a spectacularly detailed, moody, neon-lit cyberpunk city. It's a triumph of EL wire and science fiction aesthetics, a kind of bricky Burning Man theme-camp in miniature.

Created by Carter Baldwin and his comrades Nate BrillForest KingIgnacio Bernaldez, Kyle VrezeSam Wormuth, Chris Edwards, and Alex Valentino, these Lego masters have successfully created a beautifully crafted world of future past. There's neon, bad clothes, seemingly eternal darkness, and the kind of architecture that would make a Russian architect glow with satisfaction

The Ultimate Cyberpunk Lego City – Cyberpocalypse at BrickFair 2013 [Chad/Unfinished Man]

(via Bruce Sterling)