Crowdfunding Interfictions, a journal of the weird, the interstitial, and the uncategorizable

The Interstitial Arts Foundation has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its journal Interfictions, devoted to "the weird, the interstitial, and the uncategorizable."

The campaign features rewards from the likes of China Mieville and Kevin Brockmeier, prints by Terri Windling, manuscript critique by bestselling novelist Holly Black, and two exclusive e-chapbooks with work donated by more than 40 interstitial artists including Kelly Link, Peter Straub, Jeff VanderMeer, N.K. Jemisin, Lisa Snellings, Jeffrey Ford, Jane Yolen, Nalo Hopkinson. They're looking to raise $8.5K. I'm in.

We're the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and we're asking for your help to maintain an online home for artists who aren't afraid to create art that smashes genre boundaries. Our goal is to raise $8,500: enough money to pay our contributors professional rates for the next two issues of Interfictions Online, to expand our offerings to include a new section with visual arts — and to continue offering it all to the public for free!

Interfictions Online was created by the IAF as a way to publish and promote interstitial art in all its forms. So far, the IAF has produced two print volumes, Interfictions 1 and Interfictions 2, and an online academic journal, Interfictions 0.

In 2013, Interfictions Online launched online, bringing new genre-bending fiction, non-fiction, poetry and the in-between to a global audience, with three issues published in the last twelve months.

Interfictions Online Indiegogo

(Thanks, Ellen!)