In each episode of Gadgets the editors and friends of Boing Boing recommend technology they love and use. This time Xeni, Jason, and Mark talk about superior shoelace replacements, a rubber band loom, a wearable camera, a krautmaker, a handheld marine VHF radio, and a fitness tracker with a 1-year battery. Plus a great website for finding free fonts.

Our picks this week:

lock lacesLock Laces: $8

Shoelace replacements that save valuable seconds from your life every time you put on shoes that require shoelaces. Also great for people with special physical needs, including seniors, upper limb amputees, or people with neuromuscular diseases like ALS or MS that can make fine hand movements tough.

PicklemeisterThe Picklemeister: $15

A foolproof jar and air-lock kit that comes in various sizes, for beginner home-pickling enthusiasts who are afraid to mess up their first try at sauerkraut.

rainbowloomRainbow Loom: $15

A simple, $15 rubber band loom absorbs my seven year old daughter's time. Simple to get started with, children can increase difficulty at their own rate by learning new patterns. The Rainbow Loom also seems to have led to a gift-economy in my daughter's community. Beware you'll need more rubber bands!

SHSTDHX370SStandard Horizon STD-HX370S VHF Marine Radio: $140

This submersible, handheld marine VHF radio is handy for the paranoid open water kayaker. In addition to all US, Canuckistani and "International" channels, this radio supports the NOAA weather channels as well. Rechargeable battery and charger are included.

clipNarrative Clip: $229

A tiny wearable, 5 megapixel, lifelogging camera that snaps a photo every 30 seconds.

vivoGarmin vivofit: $130

A fitness tracker with a 1-year battery. It's also waterproof do you never have to take it off. Monitors steps, distance, sleep, calories burned. Better than the Jawbone up, which requires you to look at your app to track progress, and requires you to plug in to charge and sync.

Font Squirrel: a great site for finding free fonts.

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