How to make a Sugru-sealed rainbow gatling water-gun

Sugru's R&D department blew off a little steam by making a Sugru-reinforced gatling water-pistol that fires multicolored streams of dyed water.

The project was conceived of at Makerversity, a London hackerspace, and features some pretty fabulous improvisation, including a small motor salvaged from a junked black cab's windscreen wiper. The seams and seals are reinforced with noodles of Sugru, a near-miraculous polymer clay that air-dries to a semi-permanent, dishwasher-safe, food-safe state. I got this story literally minutes after effecting my second Sugru-based repair of the day (I used it to add rubber non-skid feet to my new adjustable keyboard tray).

The accompanying Instructable does a great job of explaining how you can make this ridiculous, wonderful thing yourself.

How sugru built the most awesome water pistol...ever? [Sugru]

Sugru's Rainbow Gatling Water Pistol! [Instructables]

(Thanks, Jane!)