What. Did. You. Feed. That. GODDAMNED. CABBAGE?!

The normally unflappage Barbara Frum interviews a British farmer responsible for a prizewinning cabbage; but the man is both drunk and deaf (and manifestly filled with the spirit of mischief).

I listened to this on my underwater MP3 player during today's swim and actually got water up my nose from laughing so hard. Twice.

One of the best loved and most requested Barbara Frum interviews is with a British farmer who had grown the world's largest cabbage. The cabbage reportedly stood five feet high and five feet across. In the interview, the world waits with bated breath to hear exactly what the farmer fed the cabbage to make it so monstrously big. Unfortunately, he turns out to be hard of hearing and inebriated, having just returned from the pub.

Frum immediately hones in on the ridiculousness of the situation and makes the best of it. In doing so, she delivers one of the most memorable and hilarious interviews of her career.

Barbara Frum and that 'Goddamn cabbage!'

(Image: Cabbage, Christian Guthier, CC-BY)