Smart critical essays on the women of Terry Pratchett

This long-running series of essays by Australian fantasy author Tansy Rayner Roberts combine real affection for Pratchett's marvellous Discworld books with sharp critical insights on the portrayal of women in fantasy; historically, one of the more problematic genres for the portrayal of women.

As Roberts points out, the first ten-or-so Discworld books are somewhat broad parodies of traditional fantasy, and women don't fare particularly well there. But as Pratchett's humane and insightful style develops and reaches its full potential, many of his books are textbook examples of really excellent female characterization.

These essays are everything that critical work should be. Like Kessel's brilliant Creating the Innocent Killer, these are essays that can illuminate and refine the reading experience, even if you (like me) have re-read the Pratchett canon over and over — they offer fresh insights and new lenses for examining these beloved books.

Pratchett's women [Tansy Rayner Roberts]

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